Attack of the Flying Beast

When my mom would go work in the fields sometimes I’d go too. A grownup would bring all us kids on a little adventure walk through the fields into the tree line while our parents worked.
Or sometimes we’d just play nearby. Sometimes we’d help. There was a strawberry field next to a corn field. Getting lost and discombobulated in the corn with all the kids was exciting, the corn was so tall, way above our heads. I tried to help pick strawberries but it was so hard not to eat them. We weren’t suppose to eat them, just pick them. And I couldn’t find any red ones, only green ones and even though the green ones weren’t ready, I still couldn’t help eating them. I knew I wasn’t suppose to pick the green ones…but…I really want to eat one. Is anyone looking? I’m just going to pick just this one and eat it. Ew, it’s so sour! Maybe this next green one will taste better. Ew, it’s sour too! Still gonna eat it though. Man, I so wish I could find a red one. But I can’t, they’re all green. Ok, I’ll try another green one, maybe I’ll get lucky and this one will be delicious. Still sour! Ok, I’ll run back into the tall corn with the other kids who are screaming and running around while my mom and the other grownups use their magical grownup powers to find the allusive red strawberries that will not reveal themselves to me no matter how hard I look.
There was a little circle of trees standing in the middle of the fields and there was a rumor that passed among the kids that a very long time ago there used to be a well there and a girl fell in it and drowned and they couldn’t get her out so they filled the hole with dirt and she’s buried down there. It was so spooky and I felt so bad for her and her family. But her ghost probably liked those trees, they were really nice. Like protectors of her grave that kept her company so she wouldn’t be all alone out in this big field.
One day, while our parents worked in the fields, I was playing with a bunch of kids making forts in the tall grass. We were having so much fun. Suddenly there is total pandemonium as a helicopter swoops in right over us. It is so loud and scary. The loudest thing I’ve ever heard. We are all freaking out. I don’t know what is happening, it is absolutely terrifying, I panic. Oh god, where is my mother!!!? Why the hell, oh WHY did I ever let her get this far away from me!? I can’t reach her – what should I do? Should I hide in the grass or run into the field to find my mom!? Is this terrible sky monster going to kill us!? Hide in the grass or run to my mom!? Hide in the grass or run to my mom!? What should I do, what should I do!? Choose! Choose! Grass or mom? Grass or mom? Oh God! I froze in pure fear torn between hiding or running. Then dove into the grass. There was no time for running. It passed over and when it was gone I bolted into the field to find my mom. Why did I ever let her out of my sight!? Phew, my mom and the other grownups are still alive. Thank god we all survived that unbelievable, brutal attack from that heinous supernatural confounded flying beast which must have escaped from the depths of some inconceivable hell.

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